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Q). What's the main difference between the design packages?
A). The amount of time we spend on the layout and the amount of features we use.

Q). How long have you been in business?
A). We opened our doors in Miami, Florida Dec. 1, 1989 in a brick and mortar office with the goal of providing professional graphics.

On Dec 1, 1996, We expanded to web design and marketing. We launched our marketing website first to promote small businesses on the Internet. We later launched our design website

This website "" was created on March 1, 2016 to provide BUDGET website packages. It was also created to offer flat rates for our most popular services.

Q). Do you use any site builder tools like,,, etc.?
A). No, we are professional designers and don't use these tools. These are great for some clients that have some computer or web skills, but can be very time consuming.

Q). What if I want to update the pages myself, do you use wordpress.?

WordPress Development

WordPress vs. Traditional Designing? They are totally different concepts. Unfortunately, there has been so many issues with WordPress sites being destroyed or corrupted during updates that we cannot touch it. And we honestly believe that while hosted WordPress might soldier on, installed WordPress will not.

There are too many really good, light CMS tools available that work seamlessly in a normal site developed in Dreamweaver or any other desktop editor. And to top it all off, WordPress plugins are a dime a dozen, so if we even did decide to use WordPress we could not possibly be able to provide 1st class support. We use WordPress as it was originally intended, as a blogging tool, view our blog here.

It's a myth that Google gives WordPress special placement treatment.


Q). How do you handle eCommerce for hard products and digital products?
A). We use "bigcommerce" for our online store projects. Through our parent company we offer a couple other custom solutions.

Q). What if I need a logo or other business stationery?
A). We invite you to visit one of our partners on our resources page.

Q). Do you take credit cards?
A). Yes, through Paypal, we are able to accept major credit cards and echecks

Q). How long does it take to complete a project?
A). We can complete a budget website in 10 days, a basic website in 20 days and a custom website in 30 days.

Q). How do you handle support?
A). Because of the low rate, most of our support is provided by email. However we have added a support page to aide in some simple requests.


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